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by Ole A. Olmanson

Ole Andreas Olmasnon

Ole Andreas Olmanson was the second child born to Bernt and Gunhild Olmanson. Bernt Olemandson Kilsti was born Nov. 16, 1827 at Ytterdal, Sunnmøre, Norway. Gunhild Andersdatter Overlie was born Feb. 24, 1850 near Lom, Gulbrandsdal, Norway. It was on the homestead in Lake Prairie Township, Nicollet County, Minn. that Ole was born Feb. 8, 1874. He lived with the family in their log house until a new brick house was built two year later. Two brothers, Carl and Albert, and a sister, Helen, were born later.

Ole’s schooling began when he was seven. After completing the eight years at District #4 he went to the Academy at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter. He attended two years receiving very good grades. In 1896 he went to the Minnesota School of Agriculture in St. Paul. His school year was cut short when everyone at home contracted flu and he was needed to help.

Ole first met Mary Evenson while visiting an uncle who lived near the Evenson home. Four years later he saw her at his cousin’s wedding and again three years later on a similar occasion. This time he volunteered to rush Mary to the church just before the ceremony with the muslin runner for the aisle. Because they used a similar team of grey horses, they were mistaken for the bride and groom by the sexton who began ringing the bell. The next year he had to ring it for them again when they were married on April 23, 1902 at Clear Lake Lutheran Church in Sibley County.

For the next six years they lived on the farm just south of the Olmanson homestead (now the Fred Hanson farm). During this time sons Bennett and Goodwin were born. They decided to move to Dresden, No. Dek. where Ole’s bother, Carl, was farming. There they lived until after Bernt died. They returned to the family homestead in the spring of 1914 and remained there the rest of their lives. Daughter Alice was born in No. Dak. Sons Ogden and Chester were born after their return to Minn.

When he was 87 Ole still did some field work with the tractor. His special interests in horticulture were strawberries and fruit trees. He loved to read. History, especially of the Civil War, was of great interest to him. He enjoyed speaking to people and often was asked to speak at church programs and at civic meetings. He was a faithful member of the Norseland Lutheran Church and served for many years as its secretary.

During the last six years of his life, Ole spent most of the time at a rest home in St. Peter. On April 18, 1964, while resting to visit her husband later in the day, Mary slept peacefully away. Four years later on July 21, 1968, Ole was called from this life at the age of 94 years.

Ole and Mary Olmanson
Ole and Mary Olmanson on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary in 1952

Philosophies, Speeches, Thoughts, Ideas