Camp near Louisville, Kentucky, July 5, 1865

I must let you know that we still are here, and are well.

We got part pay the 3rd of July, but have not received our discharge, but think it will be this week, and I think that we will leave here about the 10th of July for Minnesota, and I believe we will be in Fort Snelling about the 18th of July, and will be there a few days to get our pay and discharge, so according to my thinking we will be in St. Peter the 21st of July, but it can’t be said for certain how the trip will go, and when.

I will write to you at LaCrosse or Fort Snelling.

Yesterday was a remarkable warm day, General Sherman preached his farewell sermon to us.

Sunday, the 2nd of July, I heard a woman preach for over three hours for the soldiers in our camp. She was from Ohio, she knew the Bible.

A law is that we can keep our rifles for six dollars. I am undecided, if I should take mine or not, we have to take them to Fort Snelling anyway.

I have nothing more to write.

Bernt Olmanson