Camp of 2nd Brigade, May 24, 1865

2nd Minnesota in trouble, our hopes turned to disappointment. An order has now been given to discharge, first all soldiers whose enlistment runs out on October 1st, 1865, which will be most of the 1862 troops, and a part of the dearly bought one-year recruits.

The veteran soldiers, and three year recruits, and three year drafted men will have to hold their jobs.

Minnesota is the only state that I have heard of that drafted for three years, but Minnesota drafted a few Norwegians and Germans for three years.

Sherman’s army have not yet received their pay and the soldiers are without money, very few have enough money to buy tobacco.

I have a few dollars yet. The first day I was here I bought tobacco for fifteen dollars, and sold to company E on credit, because they had no way of getting any.

Governor Meller of Minnesota is in Washington, also governors from other states. They are working against the soldiers to get any pay before they reach their own state.

They are now working making out discharge papers for those going out. I think they will leave here within a few days, the brigade will be broken up, and I will go back to company E again.

Our only hope now is to get a sixty day furlough and if we then come to the states we will never come out again.

An order is now under discussion to give the veterans sixty days permission, and half pay, and half board, which I think might come in power.

Your letter of the 12th I received the 22nd of May. The Norwegian letter that you mentioned has not come. I also see that you have not received my letters. In one letter I had enclosed an order for county bounty. In another letter I enclosed a letter to Mrs. Theodora Skaro. Let me know if you got them.

Sherman’s army is marching through Washington today on review.

I am a lone housekeeper today in the open country.

In Washington they did not knwo that Sherman’s army was anything. There were not enough clothes for more than one third of the army.

Our pack mules with kitchen utensils and other necessary things on their backs are in the review, also oxen with knapsacks as on a march.

All those you know are well. Address my letters - Co. E, 2nd Minnesota Vol., Infy., Alexandria, Virginia.