Marietta, Georgia, August 16, 1864

Once when I was in Ringgold I wrote to the Fadrelandet office about our life in Minnesota, but the editor had not put it in the way it was written, because I did not want to brag about St. Paul. I did not intend to send in anything more, but I sent a little letter two days ago as answer to that letter from the eleven dozen bachelors in North Dakota, to see if they would print it as it was written. I also sent two poems of my own, and also sent money for one year's subscription.

Today I wrote a letter and sent three dollars for one year's subscription to Fadrelandet to Norway.

Here are not much over two thousand soldiers in Marietta, but an immense number of wounded. We have taken all churches, hotels and other large buildings for hospitals, and many of the wounded have received permission to go home.

In this town there are more people walking on one leg than two.

Our flag carrier, Jacobus, was married in the evening the 16th, and we are waiting daily for another wedding.