Chicago, Illinois, March 14, 1864

We left LaCrosse the 11th and came to Chicago in the morning, the 12th.

We are living good here in town. It is a new quarter for regiments that are on the way. We have had real food while we have been here that is prepared by the town&8217;s women.

Most of the soldiers are busy writing to girls, but I have not yet opened my heart.

Evend receives letters daily. He will soon need to hire a clerk.

Mr. X, the well known thief that I showed you at Stelser, borrowed a team of horses in St. Peter to take a girl to a dance that evening, but he left St. Peter the same night. The sheriff was after him the next day to Belle Plaine, and heard of the horses at Henderson. Mr. X is now with us. I don’t know anything about the horses.