Chattanooga, Tennessee, October 17, 1863

We have not yet received our pay. I borrowed fifty dollars from John L. Henningson, a Dane in company E, and I promised to pay him at any time and gave him a note for fifty dollars.

If I should die before it is paid then that sum must be paid before any other because he done me that favor, and I ask of you, as a close friend, to fulfill that promise if that should happen.

I am enclosing a draft for fifty dollars in this letter. It is payable at the bank in St. Peter.

I cannot got Peder off my mind, and the company is sorry and grieved over his parting from the company.

I have written before of his death the 13th of October.

It was decided by Captain Donehower that Peder should be buried at nine o’clock October 14th with military honors, but it was a down-pour of rain so we had no music, but company E followed him to his grave at ten o’clock the 14th.

About his belongings I will mention later, his money amounted to three dollars. The captain has them for safe keeping.

Send me some postage stamps, here are none to get, and when I don’t know. It has been very inconvenient for me since I lost my knapsack with its several small items.