Chattanooga, October 1, 1863

I will first mention the names of the wounded ones in our company, B. Solvister from St. Peter, he has a bad wound in his left arm near the elbow, Stone of St. Peter a bad wound in the hip, S. Chedele of Cleveland wounded in the foot, W. Johns of LeSueur Prairie had his right arm taken off near the shoulder, S. Baler wounded in the hip, Haagens, B. Warent and J. Flora are also wounded but I don’t know where they are wounded.

Fricoff Svensk from Lake Prairie wounded in a finger, L. Swenson got hit on the shoulder by his own gun when a bullet hit his gun, he is now well again. Knudson was wounded from part of a shell that struck him on top of his head. It cut a gash a half an inch deep. He was with our company the next day, but I told him to go along with our wagons so I think he is now in Bridgeport, Alabama, where most of those slightly wounded are.

Jo Smith, Jims Smith and French were also slightly wounded.

Peder Peterson was wounded September 26th and is now in a hospital in Chattanooga. Last night I visited him and talked with him a long time.

On September 20th we lost our knapsacks and everything we had, so now we don’t even have a blanket to keep us warm at night because we had orders to leave our knapsacks, went into the battle and did not get back to that place again.

I am well and unhurt which I could not believe on the 20th of September, the bullets fell like rain. Once we had orders to lie down. That was in an open field. We lost no time firing, the Rebels done the same. I lay by a tree that had fallen, the stump tem foot high was left, the stump was shot off twice by the cannon balls so it at last fell over me. The bombshells burst so ground and dust hit our faces. I did not believe that a man could get away, but at last the Rebels had to run, and we after them with our bayonets until we reached the edge of the woods.

I believe I mentioned once before about saving my letters so when I come home I can write down several things from them, as I have no day-book.