Chattanooga, September 23, 1863

The 19th and 20th of September were two bloody days. Of our company, eight were wounded the 18th, and eight wounded the 20th.

Peder and I are well, but Evend was slightly wounded but will be well again in a few days.

L. Swenson was also slightly wounded. They are the only Norwegians wounded, none were killed in company E.

The 2nd Minnesota lost one hundred forty-nine men but I think one hundred of them will be well again.

We have fallen back to Chattanooga, but we are not certain that we can hold it.

We came here yesterday, last evening the Rebels were mighty at throwing shells in here.

We have lost our knapsacks, I have no paper, and nothing to write with, and no time to write.

We have the Rebels’ eastern army to fight against as well as Breg’s army.