Gallatin, Tennessee, January 11, 1863

We are now about forty miles from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where the battle lasted five days. We heard the roar of the cannons daily.

I have been on guard duty three of the last five nights. Today I went with many others to Gallatin to work on building protection or breastwork but it started to rain so hard that we got orders to go to our tents, which gave me a chance to write these lines.

I am well, and so is Peder and Evend, but are lonesome and wish for freedom.

I am convinced that not one third of the coldiers in the field will hold over two years. This is not the life for a white person.

The 2nd Minnesota regiment are quite healthy, but in the new regiments many are dying.

Near this town is a grave-yard where a dozen men are always at work digging graves, which is a cheap homestead most of the soldiers get before their three years are out.