June 2, 1862

This letter of June 2nd, 1862, is a letter written by E. Knudson to Andrias Larson

We are now about six miles southeast of Corinth, and camping on the camp grounds that the enemy left a few days ago.

Thursday evening we built a fortification or protection wall a thousand yards from the Rebels’ protection wall. During the night the last of the Rebels moved away.

Early Friday morning we marched into the enemy’s camp and found it vacant, but a large amount of flour, beans, crackers, meat, pork, coffee, sugar and molasses was there.

They had burned a large part of such things that could easily be burned, but had not had time to destroy everthing.

Small battles have been fought daily during the last two weeks, sometimes to our right and sometimes to our left, and often along the whole line, but the main forces have not been used yet.

The 2nd Minnesota and the 4th Minnesota regiment have not lost any men yet, but the 5th Minnesota lost a few men in a skirmish.

I have not heard anything from the 3rd regiment, but believe that they have been safe so far.

We were told today that we have taken ten thousand prisoners and seven railroad cars all at once a few miles from here.

The weather is warm, poor food, hard work, no money, and nothing to buy either.

Greet my dear mother and sister that I am well, also Peder is well.

Peder and H. Jenson went to the Tennessee river today after provisions, that we now have to haul for the whole army more than twenty miles.

Greetings from

E. Knudson.