Fort Snelling, April 20, 1862

Some say it is Easter Sunday today, others say it isn’t.

The 4th regiment are now standing with knapsacks on their backs ready to go to Dixie.

One boat has landed and another is expected soon. We will be leaving here some time this week.

Do not except any check for these two last months as all I will receive for these two months is ten dollars and sixty-nine cents, the rest the government takes for clothes.

We are allowed forty-two dollars a year for clothes, the rest we pay ourselves.

According to the papers the 2nd Minnesota regiment marched from Columbia, Tennessee, to Savannah in two days in a steady downpour of rain, without tent and without food except for a few crackers. They came in on Tuesday the day after the battle so they were not in battle this time. They were by Pittsburg Landing last I heard from them.

I intend to go to LaCrosse by boat and from there by railroad.